In business with Mmmmh!

A team building with colleagues, an incentive with your best clients, a coaching seminar, a meeting?

Discover our new "corporate" offer, a complete and modular catalog for a day or an evening with Mmmmh! that will be a highlight in your company!

  • Team Cooking

    Team Cooking

    A real collaborating experience between participants in the workshop.
    A cooking and learning experience.
    A unique tasting experience in good company.

    € 95.00 /pers ExcVAT
  • Team Cooking Matching Wine/Dishes

    Team Cooking Matching Wine/Dishes

    Once seated, you will receive a selection of wines, chosen according to the menu.
    Next, an initiation in the basic principles of wine tasting and matching.
    For this activity our sales’ staff will propose a seasonal menu or a customized menu for an additional cost.

    € 105.00 /pers ExcVAT
  • The Great Restaurant

    The Great Restaurant

    An ambitious objective: to put together a 4 course-menu as part of a restaurant team and to plate
    and serve each dish, warm or cold, with the help of a Mmmmh chef whose mission is to transmit his/her know-how and to foster team spririt.

    € 115.00 /pers ExcVAT
  • Battle of the Chefs

    Battle of the Chefs

    The Battle of the Chefs is a genuine cooking competition during which two or more cooking 
    teams face each other.

    € 125.00 /pers ExcVAT
  • Chocolate Workshops First Steps

    Chocolate Workshops First Steps

    You will learn the basic techniques, such as tempering and moulding, but also recipes, each tastier than the next, 
    based on Valrhona’s most emblematic chocolates.

    € 75.00 /pers ExcVAT
  • Team Lunch

    Team Lunch

    Lunchtime only
    Sharing a friendly and pleasurable moment
    Original and unique alternative to a restaurant lunch

    € 85.00 /pers ExcVAT
  • Introduction to Wine Tasting

    Introduction to Wine Tasting

    A competent oenologist, a rigorous selection (6 wines) including the best rural wines from wine growers, close to natures. Let’s go and begin an initiation in wine tasting, learning the fundamental notions that make up the world of wines

    € 75.00 /pers ExcVAT
  • The Big Cuizz

    The Big Cuizz

    A stimulating game for everyone, the goal: relaxation, pleasure and the development of team spirit. 
    With the supervision of an Mmmmh! chef, several teams compete in a culinary cuiz with theoretical and practical tests.

    € 65.00 /pers ExcVAT
  • Kitchen Rentals

    Kitchen Rentals

    A film shooting ? An evening with your own chefs? In certain slots
    of calendar, Mmmmh! offers its culinary spaces for hire.

    € 600.00 /pers ExcVAT