The Great Restaurant

The Great Restaurant

Objective : to improve team work performance

The meal : welcome drink, 2 starters, main course, dessert

Minimum number of participants : 10

Duration : 3h30

Budget : 115 euros /pers Excl.VAT


An ambitious objective: to put together a 4 course-menu as part of a restaurant team and to plate and serve each dish, warm or cold, with the help of a Mmmmh chef whose mission is to transmit his/her know-how and to foster team spririt.

The stages of this activity

The participants choose a chef to represent and organize their team.

Everyone receives a chef’s hat. The Mmmmh chef gives a briefing about.

The work begins with the coaching of the Mmmmh chef(s) (depending on the number of participants). The dishes are presented by each team in charge of the meal to the remaining participants and everyone eats together, respecting the tight timing similar to that of a fine restaurant.

At the end of the meal, the chef debriefs the team about: the level and quality of interaction within the group, the respect for timing, quality and tidiness of the preparations, the quality of the dishes (taste, presentation, temperature).


Welcome, drinks, (wines, water and briefing) : 30 min

Cooking : 1h30

The meal : 1h

The menu will be proposed on basis of our seasonal menus.

The price includes

Water, tea/coffee

Welcome drink : Cava

The Mmmmh wine (1/2 bottle per person)

The meal

Lent apron