Squid ink risotto, parsley sauce and grilled octopus


Parsley sauce:
Strip the leaves off the stalks, wash it thoroughly and blanch it for 2 minutes, refresh and wring out.
Mix the parsley with 2 bouillon cube, 10 cl of cooking water, 10 cl of olive oil.

Heat the fish stock.
Chop the shallot, fry it in some olive oil.
Add the rice, mix well, cook for a minute, every grain must absorb some of the olive oil, and become slightly translucent.
Deglaze with the white wine, and start to cook the risotto, by adding ladle after ladle of the stock.
Add the squid ink after about 9 minutes, mix well.
While you’re doing this, quickly grill the octopus “arms” and finely slice them. Keep warm.
When the rice is cooked, add the olive oil and the grated parmesan for the ‘mantecatura’.

Garnish the risotto with the sliced octopus and the parsley sauce.