Like a Snickers bar - Caramelised peanuts and chocolate


Mascarpone mousse 
- Mix all the ingredients gently in a food processor before whipping the mixture like a chantilly. Chill immediately. 
Chocolate chip 
- Melt 1/2 of the chocolate and the cocoa butter in the microwave before adding the other 1/2 without heating (express tempering). 
- Use a spatula to spread discs of chocolate (1p/p) on a sheet of rhodoïd and sprinkle with lightly crushed peanuts. 
- In a conical frying pan, heat the sugar until caramelised (do not stir as the sugar may crystallise), then decook the caramel by adding the cream while whisking gently. When the creamy caramel is smooth, add the butter and fleur de sel. 
Place a quenelle of mousse/ caramel/ chocolate/ crushed peanuts in a bowl or soup plate.