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Challenge in the kitchen!

Challenge in the kitchen!

To surpass oneself while working as a team

The activity

The team appoints a chef who will be responsible for the timing and the fair development of the event.
The chef splits the team into 3 groups to prepare a starter, a main dish and a dessert.

Each course is a real challenge (how to carve fish properly, how to cook meat perfectly, professional dessert, etc.).
The team receives the recipes as well as pictures in order to produce identical presentation.

The group works as a team within time constraints: the clock is ticking and after 1 hour, the starter is ready on the plates, 20 min later, main is ready, and 20 min later, dessert is ready.

In the end, the Mmmmh! chef who coaches the groups gives his/her debriefing (team work, work repartition, cleanliness of the working space, presentation of the plates, taste, etc.).


- Welcome, aperitif (wine, water and briefing): 30 min.
- Preps: ± 2 hrs
- Degustation: each course is eaten as soon as it is ready
- Debriefing: 30 min.

Included in the price

- Water, coffee, tea
- Welcome drink: Prosecco
- Mmmmh! wine (1/2 bottle/pers)
- The meal
- The apron (lent)

€100.00 excl. VAT/pp


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